5 job interview tips specially for engineers

  • Jan. 19, 2015
  • Frank Steeghs

A candidate will be invited at ACE for an interview based on his education, knowledge and experience. But that is no guarantee of a job. Regardless of your background or the vacancy you still need to present yourself in an interview. You can find a lot of tips on the internet to prepare yourself for an interview. At ACE we have seen big differences in preparations for a job interview. That is why we have selected five tips for specially for engineers:

1. How to dress for a job interview?

A good first impression will give you a head start!
For an interview at ACE you do not have to wear a suit with tie if you don’t like to wear it. We do recommend you try your best to look nice in a more formal way for the interview. This will give us the impression that you take your job interview serious.

This is a well-known tip, but still we see a lot of candidates who probably didn’t really care about this. For us, 'smart casual' is more than enough for the interview! It will give you a better first impression at the beginning of the interview.

When you start working at ACE, something more informal is fine with us, as long as its makes you feel comfortable.

2. Bring project references

As an engineer you hopefully have already worked on several interesting projects. In most cases we only receive a resume with a small description about the project where the candidate have worked on. If you have drawings or images about projects you've worked on, bring them to the interview. This makes it much easier to explain your projects. We do not want to encourage anyone to show confidential information, keep this in mind!
Just graduated? Please note that your internship, graduation project or other projects you have worked on during your education can also be interesting to show.

3. Bring your notepad

Many times candidates don’t bring a pen and notepad to the interview. Please do bring it! If you want to explain something about what you have done, it is very useful when you make a drawing about it. If you do it this way, it will also show your technical and communication skills.

In addition, it will also give you more comfort during the interview when you have a pen in your hands. If you are a "continuously-clicking-with-the-pen” type of person, please leave your pen on the table.

4. Dig in what ACE does and who you will talking with

Take a look at our website and social media, like Linkedin, Twitter and Facebook. This gives you a better impression about what ACE does and you can mention what kind of projects you’re interested in. In an interview, we will explain all about our organization, but we really like to hear if you took the time to get to know us.

5. Ask questions

Prepare questions and write them down. Preparing questions will trigger you to think about this job even more. Dare to ask what kind of project you will start on or in what kind of team you will start. Sometimes ACE cannot give you an direct answer, but it shows again that you prepared yourself for the interview.
Write down these questions! Since an interview can develop in an unexpected way, you’re better off writing down these questions. Because you might forget them along the interview.

No matching vacancy, sent an open application to ACE!

If ACE looks interesting to you, but you don’t see a suitable vacancy, please sent an open application!

The fun part of an engineering agency is that we work on a wide variety of projects for various customers. As a result, it’s possible that suddenly new opportunities occur which might be a match with your profile. That’s why we would like to know you in advance and like to hear more about your background and ambitions.

Feel free to send us your CV with motivation! --> https://ace.eu/en/werkenbij/solliciteer/


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