ACE is sponsor of Solar Team Eindhoven

  • Oct. 7, 2015
  • Joep Braam

ACE ingenieurs- & adviesbureau supports the Solar Team Eindhoven as a Donor-sponsor in the World Solar Challenge 2015. The Solar Team Eindhoven participates in the so called Cruiser Class. They do this with, as they call it, the first luxury energy positive family car: Stella Lux. The official start is in Darwin on Sunday, October 18.

The Team

Solar Team Eindhoven is a team consisting of 21 top students of different faculties from the Technical University of Eindhoven. These students put a hold on their studies for one and a half year to, each from their own field of expertise, contribute to developing a new solar-powered car. In October 2015 we will compete during the World Solar Challenge to defend the world championship.

World Solar Challenge

In the 2015 World Solar Challenge, teams from across the globe will compete with solar cars in a 3000 kilometre long challenge from Darwin to Adelaide through the dessert of Australia.

Solar Team Eindhoven will participate in the Cruiser Class. This means that our car will be judged not only on speed but also on practicality, the need of external energy and the number of transported persons. These criteria make this class more than just a race. Speed, comfort, practicality and reliability are key words. The goal of Solar Team Eindhoven is to create the car of the future.
Most of the necessary energy will be collected by solar panels. Participants of the Cruiser Class are allowed to recharge their battery only once during the challenge, which means that all solar cars have to be able to drive a minimum of 1500 kilometre on a fully charged battery and on energy collected by its solar panels. Besides energy management, navigation, reliability and safety are also of great importance. Once the challenge has started in Darwin, all teams are allowed to travel until 5pm. There they make camp where-ever they happen to be to leave again the next morning at 8am. All teams must be self-sufficient and reach all seven checkpoints.

Further Information

If you want to know more about the Solar Team Eindhoven or the World Solar Challenge, please check the web sites. They give some interesting information and you can follow the development, tests and in a few days’ time, the actual race.


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