ACE story – Maarten Leenders – electrical engineer/designer at ACE Lummen

  • Dec. 15, 2016
  • Frank Steeghs

The professional development of Maarten Leenders (26) took a flight in the recent years. “Before I joined ACE, I did not know anything about electrical drawing. In 2011, a 21 year old, I started from scratch and now I draw in a blink a complex sheme; fantastic!” Electrical drawing that is Maarten’s job as engineer at ACE in Lummen. His input are mechanical designs onto wich he adds as securely and precisely as possible all the electrical requirements. From crossing connections to switches, Maarten is responsible for this part of the design.

Live before ACE

Before Maarten started working for Engineering Agency ACE he successfully rounded of his Bachelor Electromechanica which he accidentally started since he had no specific affinity with technology. “I found it interesting to know how a bridge was assembled, but it is not like I was spending weekends with lego or Knex, not at all. Outcome of a test at school, Electromechanica seemed a logical step to take. In the end a choice that fitted me perfectly!” After he finished his school and an internship at a brick manufacturer, Maarten had a clearer view of what he wanted to achieve. “Soon I figured out that I really enjoyed the design side of electrical eningeering. The prospect standing halve a day next to a machine was not appealing to me.”

Connection study and work

At work Maarten does not see a lot of aspects from his study but he does not see this as a problem. “Had I really want that, it would have been better to find work in the electromechanics automotive domain. However my study did make me familiar with technology and provided me with a certain problem solving attitude. At ACE I learned all the tricks of the job.”

What is working at ACE like?

In the beginning it was not completely clear what kind of work Maarten was going to do at ACE Lummen.

“I received a contract right after my holidays and all of a sudden I got a call asking if I was interested in doing a course for Eplan P8. That is the software we use to draw electrical schemes. Barely at work for one day and already they offered me this course. One thing led to another.”

At the office the atmosphere is relaxed, there is room for a joke inbetween. "When you are working eight to nine hours focused at your screen it is good to take a brake from time to time." Socially ACE organizes also outings like paintball or karting. We went to play golf recently."

Personal Development

Next to technical skills, Maarten has been able to develop his personal skills. “This daily cooperation is very useful!” Also he saw his role change in the past years. “In the beginning you get a lot of instructions but now they know that I only need half a word to do my job. Also I get more responsibility at managing projects.”

What is in store for the future?

Concerning his future Maarten makes the following comment: "Virtual Reality could bring interesting developments. It could prove very helpful to really go inside a design. Everything could be even smaller and compact that way.” About his own future Maarten has not got a clear picture. He is very happy about his work. “I do not have any specific dreams or wishes. I like my job. Maybe that I grow tired of drawing in five years, but that is something for that time. Maybe I will develop more towards project aspects, spending more time with managing projects and less with software. But that is something for the future!”

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