Serious gaming makes traffic safer

  • Jan. 28, 2015
  • Frank Steeghs

StreetPong is a good example of what Serious Gaming for society can do. In this case StreetPong ensure that pedestrians have to wait at a crossing, where they often cross anyway at red light.

Serious Gaming are games where people learn something. In StreetPong you will be stimulated by a game to wait at a crosswalk until the lights turn green. The creators of Street Pong also made it interactive. You can play pingpong against a pedestrian on the other side who is also waiting. The creators want to continue developing StreetPong. The expected improvements include ambient lighting, Wi-Fi connection and a feature that will allow the device to display local news and weather while providing city information and navigation.

First Street Pong is now installed in Hildesheim (Germany).


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