The BlueDot design competition 2021 has started with ACE as a partner

  • Jan. 26, 2021
  • Frank Steeghs

ACE has again become a partner of the BlueDot design competition. Every year an enthusiastic group of students organizes this design competition in which all students of TU Delft can participate. To do this, they ultimately have to come up with a product concept related to a theme.

This year the theme "Rewind" was chosen because, BlueDot wanted to pay attention to how society used to be and is now in connection with COVID-19.

Why is ACE a partner of the Bluedot design competition?
ACE thinks it is important that students come into contact with the industry during their studies. This gives them an insight into how product development is done in practice. Now that many students have to study from home, the distance to the industry seems to have increased. From ACE product development we want to get in touch with these students in an accessible way to share our experience with them and to give them support in this design competition.
In support, ACE offers a "quick scan" and question hours. Frank Steeghs has already given ACE's first online presentation and question hour on Wednesday 13 January.
Do you have questions or are you curious whether ACE can help you? Please feel free to contact Frank Steeghs:

When is the award ceremony?
Despite the fact that the entire competition will probably take place online this year, the award ceremony is still scheduled during the IDE Business Fair at the TUDelft on Sunday March 14. ACE product development will also be present at this fair. Keep an eye on the websites for any updates!

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