Hundred days ACE

  • Nov. 20, 2015
  • Hans Martens

On July 1th, 2015 I started as BU Manager Product Development at ACE. When I left ACE in 2001 to give a new direction to my career, I considered the opportunity of returning to ACE large. Last summer I therefore accepted the offer to meet this challenge with pleasure .

What changed in all these years? In short, not that much; ACE is still an engineering firm. It employs passionate engineers on a variety of projects . The atmosphere continues to be equal to that of a large family.

But there are a number of eye-catching differences: solid steps are made in the professionalization of the company. Locations of Maastricht to Leeuwarden - where 'everything' was offered - have been displaced by a business unit structure to embed knowledge and expertise. The average education level of the employees is higher. Cooperation with customers is increasingly the nature of a strong collaboration, rather than "you ask, we deliver". And the investment in support systems and software enable our ability to perform our daily work.

Looking at the business unit Product Development, I see a team of passionate, opinionated and knowledgeable creative engineers, who like nothing more than to participate in challenging projects. Clients are more and more confidenced about our added value and are impressed with our input. It is a commercial challenge to continue our clear path to the top. Recently, we welcomed an external (top) advisor to give further direction to the professionalization of the business unit. Enough opportunities and challenges to convert ACE even better on the map.

I'm glad I may bear the name ACE again and have a share in the growth of this great company!

Maurits Simons


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