Industry and education developing together an intelligent robot soccer

  • Sept. 15, 2015
  • Frank Steeghs

The TURTLE-5k prepaired for the RoboCup to defeat human FIFA champions in the future.

Avans University, Fontys Hogeschool ICT and ICT (ICT Automatisering Netherlands BV) join the existing consortium of cooperating partners from industry and education working together on the development of a new soccer robot, named TURTLE-5k.

The consortium was launched in 2012 by ACE ingenieurs- & adviesbureau, Technical University Eindhoven (TU/e) and VEDS Group to develop an affordable robot soccer. Avans and Fontys will integrate the soccer robot in the coming years in their ICT and Mechatronics courses. The company ICT guide the software development within the project.

Frank Steeghs (ACE), project leader of TURTLE-5k: "The aim is to compete with this new robot at the international RoboCup competition. This is one of the most challanging competitions for intelligent robots. Universities all over the world take part in this competition. With the entry of the new partners within the TURTLE-5k project, Bachelor students can now contribute to this project, where normally mostly Master students were participating."

The students will make the TURTLE-5k-robot move quick and smooth over the playing field and will let it take penalties. The ultimate goal of the project is to really learn the robots to play soccer by themselves in the coming years. Since 1997, the RoboCup Federation aims to develop intelligent robot soccer players, which should be able to defeat the current human FIFA champions in 2050.

Partnerships between education and industry are of great value to the quality of the education. Students are given the opportunity through a challenging projects to get in touch with the industry and the industry can make use of new ideas and up-to-date knowledge.

More information about the project is available throught:

Frank Steeghs (ACE)

Projectleider TURTLE-5k


ACE ingenieurs- & adviesbureau


Fontys Hogescholen

ICT Automatisering


Technische Universiteit Eindhoven


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