'Personal development through ASML' (article Eindhovens Dagblad)

  • July 16, 2015

As a 21-year-old school-leaver, Mark Stoker (37) from ACE Engineering performed his first activities as a design engineer-draughtsman for ASML.

Thanks to the growth of this chip machine manufacturer, he is now team leader of a group of ten engineers at ACE. His team is involved in the water and gas systems in the chip machines. "We condition modules with gas or water, for example for the cooling of critical components or to keep mirrors clean", he explains. Stoker has broadened his horizons in recent years by also performing projects for VDL and the NTS-Group among others. He works for various departments within ASML. Stoker spends half of his working hours at ASML, where he holds work meetings. On the other days, you will find him with his team that works in the ACE office. "My personal development is due in part to the growth of ASML. I was able to gain the client's trust and was given the opportunity to grow in my work. As a team leader, my role is more as a coach, organising the planning and forming the link between both parties", says Stoker. He expects that ASML will remain one of his customers in the years to come. "There are still plenty of challenges."

The article is in Dutch:

Written by Harrie Verrijt, published in Eindhovens Dagblad on 16-7-2015 www.ed.nl


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