TU/e contest – Vote now for half finals!

  • April 1, 2015
  • Frank Steeghs

The TU/e contest stimulates students to show their ideas. ACE became partner because the TU/e-contest motivates students to show their ingeniousness. ACE encourages this from its core value: Be ingenious.

There are already a lot of great ideas in this contest. We have selected 15 out of nearly 100 ideas which are very interesting. Have a look at them and be inspired by these ideas. Don’t forget to give your vote to the ideas you like the most before April 30!

*Click on the images below to get more information.


A vehicle that combines cycling, sailing and beer


Use an instruction car as taxi


Zero Energy Lights


Magnetic bearing


The Mirrorcle is an innovative concept, that inspires faster recovery from low back pain, by reflecting immediate visual feedback on your exercises.


Navigation inside a shoe

Phone Projector

Converse an old phone into a projector

Rose Drones

Drones that drops leaves or roses for a romantic walk with your partner


2 in 1: Charging and Locking

Scherp zien zonder hulp

Special sticker on your glasses

Smart Belt

A belt to keep track of your health

Spid3r: 3D printing spider

Mobile 3D printer as a spider

start your day

Connect all the things in your house to have a good start of the day


Reduce braking distance of a train


Special material to block the electromagnetic waves if you carry your phone in your clothes

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