• Canister Pill Dispenser

    Whether you package in a pharmacy, hospital or packaging center, you will always have special tablets of some sort: half and quarter pills,…

  • LUXURA VEGAZ - tanning bed

    For VDL Hapro, ACE assisted in engineering and development of the LUXURA VEGAZ tanning bed.

  • Electronic ring lock

    AXA has the solution for bike sharing and bike rental companies: the electric ring lock, AXA IN.

  • Machine covers

    Machine manufacturers are increasingly using machine design and ergonomics for customer bonding. Manufacturers distinguish themselves in th…

  • Rockfon - ROCKWOOL packaging line

    Rockfon from Wijnegem is part of the building materials giant ROCKWOOL Group. They produce (components for) fire-safe and acoustic suspende…

  • Vena Lumen - GLOW project

    Together with students from Fontys Eindhoven, ACE developed an interactive couch for the light festival GLOW.

  • supporting NSTM in designing modificati…

    NS treinmodernisering (previously known as NedTrain) is specializing in the maintenance of trains. Ever since 2007 ACE has been supplying N…

  • Terra Nova

    ACE Product Development has contributed to the development of Terra Nova, a game and discussion tool for young people

  • Fonckel One

    LEDs caused a revolution in lighting, touch control conquered the electronics. The Fonckel combines the two beautifully in the Fonckel One …

  • Antivibration Cryostat

    In order to proceed with more accurate Sub-Atomic research, the Leiden’s Physics department needed to improve the design of their Cryostat.

  • Packaging of IMe (InMotion) electric po…

    InMotion is a team of ambitious students mainly from TU/e (Technical University Eindhoven) and Fontys (University of applied science). They…

  • Lattoflex by Recticel Bedding

    In 1957 Lattoflex wrote history with the invention of the slatted base. With the Winx system they introduced the individualized sleep techn…

  • co-development semiconductor equipment

    Through years of experience ACE and ASML have built a knowledge intensive cooperation for co-development of modules. This has led to co-spe…

  • Cost reduction by DFMA method

    ACE has contributed in lowering the cost price of a module for ITEC (NXP).

  • Expertise Flow & Temperature

    ACE performs these design and engineering activities at the ACE location. Specially for Flow & Temperature issues.

  • Redesign mid-size league soccer robot

    Redesign platform for cost reduction based on the 2012 world champion soccer robot.

  • Fysium

    FYSIUM ™ is a device for preserving apples which ACE has developed commissioned by Janssen PMP (part of Johnson & Johnson).

  • Turning system for heating radiators

    Mechanical engineering of an installation to turn radiators 180° around a vertical axis into an existing production line.

  • Trophy 20

    Development of all plastic caps for both the three and the four wheeled Trophy-20, taking into account the interchangeability of parts.

  • VCST Pyung

    Electrical control of the complete transport system for project "Pyung", a complete production line for gears for our customer [VCST](http…

  • Aerasense

    Product development of particle measurement device

  • turning table Atlas Copco

    Turn-key engineering and production of a turning table voor the assembly of tube bundles for a variety of inter- and outercoolers.

  • Oil test Atlas Copco

    On turnkey basis, the design and realisation of the line authentication systems for the Z55-90 line.

  • Videotrussing U2-360° Tour

    Design and detailing of video trussing for U2’s 360° tour.

  • Stage light boxes

    Design and detailing of the connecting parts between light boxes at “Clousseau 20 years”

  • Sedeo seating system

    Development of several leg supports

  • OptiTrainer Running

    The OptiTrainer is a visual training tool for athletes at any level. The development of the OptiTrainer Running was commissioned by and in …

  • Quinny Senzz

    Technical detailengineering baby stroller

  • LabEcon plate press

    Industrial design of the new "LabEcon" plate press series

  • oil filling station

    Turnkey design and delivery of an oil filling station for filling the ZH compressors with warm oil.

  • Product development tool

    SoLayTec (Eindhoven) develops and produces machines for ultrafast spatial Atomic Layer Deposition Equipment in the solar industry. ACE has …

  • Queen of the Netherlands

    IHC Merwede is the world’s market leader in the design, fabrication and supply of equipment and services for the dredging and alluvial mini…

  • Production line of Fontijne Grotnes

    Support with the development and engineering of expanders and the production line.

  • Hek Manufacturing

    Co-development and support of the engineering of the new vertical transportation means.

  • Wembley

    The Wembley National Stadium (WNS) is built in Londen.

  • Project management drilling rig 'Shah …

    For Bailey BV, ACE has managed on location the assembly project of a drilling rig for the Shah Deniz facility in Azerbeidzjan.

  • Full station for 2k foam

    The design and turnkey delivery of a machine for the filling of containers for 2K-foam.

  • Transport system for Soudal

    Designing an installation for transporting filled boxes.