opdrachtgever:Philips Aerasense
business unit:Productontwikkeling

Product development of particle measurement device

Philips Aerasense has for the measurement of (ultra) particulate matter in the developed an innovative device. ACE has been requested to combine design (Philips Design) and measurement technology into a feasible concept.

ACE product development has been involved with the project from the start the project. From the first brainstorming sessions we have contribute by recognizing engineering issues in an early stage and solve them. That way we were able to realize a feasible concept in a very short time.

Important points for attention during product development were:

  • monitoring the design,
  • miniaturization of measurement technology with respect to existing principles,
  • modular structure of the electronics,
  • modular structure of the housing to be in the future easy to introduce new versions (such as a wallmount version)

Client: [Philips] ( | Design: Philips Design | Realization: ACE product development | Target group: professional market Introduction: 2009