co-development semiconductor equipment

business unit:Hightech systemen
markt:semiconductor industry
doelgroep:original equipment manufacturer

Through years of experience ACE and ASML have built a knowledge intensive cooperation for co-development of modules. This has led to co-specialization in the field of environmental control & infrastructure and production & manufacturing tooling.

This customer-specific specialization relieves work for the customer and enables them to concentrate on their core technology for the future. ACE uses its engineering capabilities to define specification and concept designing all the way to solving complex issues. Several project teams work in the office of ACE in Eindhoven, but also on location of our customer. The organization is structured in a way that it can be quickly set up a team with the right engineers. We are distinctive in our project approach and in sharing of responsibilities. With short communication lines we are able to work efficiently. Everything is strictly monitored and shared on time with our customer in order to guarantee the quality and optimally make use of the budgets.