Cost reduction by DFMA method

opdrachtgever:NXP ITEC
business unit:Hightech systemen
markt:semiconductor industry

ACE has contributed in lowering the cost price of a module for ITEC (NXP).

ITEC from Nijmegen is a division within NXP that develops and produces die bonding, wire bonding and test equipment for NXP. A die bonder is a machine which solders or glues a semiconductors (dies) on a carrier (leadframe). The ITEC die-bonder holds the world speed record of 13 items per second and is always evolving as a result of the increasing demands, such as: increasing production speed and accuracy, smaller dies and price pressure. An important number to compare ITEC's production machines with its competitors, is the quotient of production speed and cost of a machine. In order to stay ahead of the competition, production speed can be increased, the cost will be reduced or both. ACE ingenieurs- & adviesbureau contributed to ITEC in lowering the cost of such a module. First of all they were advised to apply the DFMA (Design For Manufacturing and Assembly) methodology. A DFMA course was organized for a team of mechanical engineers. Then this method is successfully applied to a rather complex module. This resulted in 34% fewer parts, 20% fewer different parts and 28% cost reduction. A number of earlier existing problems with the module have been resolved as well and the expected adjustment time of the machine is shortened. The modularity of the unit was also improved, this resulted in a shorter conversion time and a more versatile module.

The work consisted of:
- Organize the DFMA sessions
- Collecting problems from the field and wishes/demands for the new module
- Make redesign based on these inputs all the way to TPD (Technical Product Documentation) including assembly, testing and acceptance documents.