LabEcon plate press

business unit:Productontwikkeling

Industrial design of the new "LabEcon" plate press series

For years, Fontijne Grotnes has been supplying a series of hydraulic presses in Vlaardingen for laboratory applications. During these years the press technically further developed, with the design less has received attention.

ACE has been asked to provide support with the industrial design of the new "LabEcon" plate press series. In close collaboration with Fontijne Grotnes, we have achieved a look that matches the established image and the intended clientele.

The construction with 2 conductive columns is unique to Fontijne Grotnes and is reflected in the design. In addition, this is optimally utilized with a panoramic door, which offers comfortable access to the press plates. Partly because this door slides upwards and thus occupies a minimal space.


  • Low floor space
  • Slim, vertical lines
  • Door lift for light operation
  • Wide access to the press plates
  • Very large glass surface to follow the process
  • Control buttons integrated in the design

Client: Website customer: Fontijne Grotnes B.V. | Design: ACE Product development | Realization: ACE product development & Fontijne | Target group: laboratories Introduction: June 2011