Product development tool

business unit:Hightech systemen
markt:solar industry
doelgroep:original equipment manufacturer

SoLayTec (Eindhoven) develops and produces machines for ultrafast spatial Atomic Layer Deposition Equipment in the solar industry. ACE has developed the layout for the pneumatics facilities of the 'Product Development Tool’.

This is a development tool of SoLayTec which allows research institutions and potential customers to do research into the possibilities of the machines from Solaytec. This machine adds a passivation layer of aluminum oxide on the solar cells which increases the yield by 0.5-1.0%. These small improvements are still very interesting for the solar industry.
A high amount of compressed air is consumed in the machine because the wafers are moved by air without a carrier. This is used for the air-bearing of the cells and to control the movement of the wafer with the use of pressure vessels, pressure regulators and valves. In the process the wafers are moved up and down underneath the injector head (which deposit the gases) at a speed of 1.0 m/s.

ACE has conducted the following activities:
- Layout development of product development tool
- Configuration and management TPD (Technical Product Documentation)
- Create configuration instructions
- Design of assembly tools
- Making mechanical design, request for quotation on products, quality checks on entry, in-house testing and verification work instructions for service engineers,
- Integration Teamcenter
- Backbone redesign