Project management drilling rig 'Shah Deniz'

business unit:Constructietechniek
markt:offshore industry

For Bailey BV, ACE has managed on location the assembly project of a drilling rig for the Shah Deniz facility in Azerbeidzjan.

The drilling rig for BP’s Shah Deniz Project drilled together with the equipment of National Oilwell, 24 holes in the Caspian Sea nearby Baku.

In order to get the drilling rig in place a tripod platform was constructed by Technip. De individual parts of the tower were assembled after transportation to Norway. After testing its functionality, the parts were tilted and shiped. The parts of the platform and tower were then transported over Russian rivers and canals to the Caspian Sea. There the final assembly took place.

Project Management entailed: • coördination of General Arrangements for construction and transport, • management of the sections Electrical and Piping • consulting with partner Hydralift in Norway, customer BP and Technip in Paris • management of external drawing agencies • documentation management • generating full digital end documentation

End user: BP | customer: Bailey | Design: Bailey | Realisation: Bailey & Hydralift & Technip | Project Management: ACE Construction Technology