Quinny Senzz

business unit:Productontwikkeling
doelgroep:consumer market

Technical detailengineering baby stroller

After Van der Veer Designers had determined the design of the new baby stroller for Dorel, ACE was asked to work out the technical details. During the prototyping, in which several outstanding issues have been resolved, the possibility of industrialization was guaranteed. The main difficulties that had to be solved are the following:

  • complex fold structure,
  • one-hand operation during folding and unfolding,
  • overall stiffness of the structure,
  • injection moldability of the parts.

After the functional prototype, the component parts were further developed by employees of ACE, in a way that it is suitable for series production.

Client: [Dorel] (https://europe.doreljuvenile.com) | Design: Van der Veer Designers | Production: ACE Product Development & Dorel | Target group: parents with small children | Introduction: 2009