Sedeo seating system

business unit:Productontwikkeling
doelgroep:consumer market

Development of several leg supports

ACE was partner of Handicare for the development of a number of leg supports.

The design of design agency Scope is tight and friendly. The system is characterized by the use of a variety of aluminum extrusions, in combination with cast parts from aluminum, steel and plastic.

After the development of the technical concepts, the design (by Scope) could be implemented without compromising the functionality of the product.

Characteristics of the project:

  • Technical concept development,
  • Project management,
  • Engineering,
  • Complex design.

The "Sedeo Pro" seating system has received a "Good Industrial Design" Special Award in the category "respect".

Client: [HandiCare] ( Design: Scope Production: Handicare ACE & Product Development Target group: disabled Introduction: September 2010