supporting NSTM in designing modifications in trains

opdrachtgever:NS Treinmodernisering
business unit:Constructietechniek

NS treinmodernisering (previously known as NedTrain) is specializing in the maintenance of trains. Ever since 2007 ACE has been supplying NSTM with knowledge and support in order to assist in the development of changes to several types of trains like the VIRMm1, DDM, DDZ, ICR, ICMm and SLT.

Besides supplying knowledge and support ACE also has several workstations configured with access to the NSTM network at its Eindhoven office, enabling ACE to perform some of the work for NSTM from that location.
The types of changes implemented are quite broad and range from the development of simple stickers to the complete redesign of electrical cable piping throughout the entire train.
Work performed by ACE:

  • VIRMm1 : Redesigning cable piping and Mounting electrical equipment,
  • VIRMm1 : Modernizing the Swift-Switch cabinet,
  • VIRMm1 : Changes to the interior,
  • VIRMm1 : Changing axle sensors for Automatic Train Control and Anti-Skid Control,
  • ICR : Upgrade towards High-speed rail use,
  • ICR : Updating the electrical package as well as increasing reliability in the electrical door system,
  • DDZ : Aftercare projects e.g. incorporating emergency ventilation or improving of door hinges,
  • DDM1 : Collecting and discharging condensation from an overhead air-conditioning unit,
  • ICMm : Improving the automatic locking system for the toilets,
  • SLT : replacing trash containers with flip-up seats (currently in progress in Eindhoven),
  • SLT : Identification-stickers for out-of-use switches with the access doors on behalf of the train staff.

Depending on the type and amount of work, it will be performed either as a solitary effort, or within a team, but always complying with the processes as described within the quality system in place with NSTM, and delivering all the correct documentation.