Vena Lumen - GLOW project

opdrachtgever:Fontys Hogeschool Engineering - Eindhoven
business unit:Productontwikkeling
markt:entertainment, events
doelgroep:product development

Together with students from Fontys Eindhoven, ACE developed an interactive couch for the light festival GLOW.

The title of the project, "Vena Lumen" literally means "heartbeat light". The design converts the heartbeat into dancing light, which moves in the couch. The light shows the beauty of two coming together and cooperating lives. To demonstrate that the technology works, a 'proof of concept' has been made. This was eventually scaled up and presented as a couch during GLOW 2018. ACE has supported the project through several workshops. In the first fase we defined a clear objective from which the requirements has been defined. In addition, ACE has given the students advice on how to make the design easy to produce, assemble and make it strong enough.